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Everybody loves Waffles & we bake a fresh one just before you, as you place your order. The aroma of a freshly baked waffle will surely captivate your senses & the very sight of the gold crust will make you Drool.

Get ready to welcome “Drool”!!! One of its kind, a dedicated waffle outlet in India. Exclusive menu curated by Chef Saby (Sabyasachi Gorai) assures a taste for every palate that makes you drool over and over.

Cool Drool Facts

We at “Drool” assure you of quality waffle experience every single time. So relax & relish as you bite into your favorite waffle from our extensive offerings.

High in Fiber – That’s rite Drool Waffles help you digest complex carbs, thanks to malted barley, which is high source of fiber.

Drool Waffles are made with natural & Non- GMO (genetically modified organisms) ingredients.

Guilt Free Sin – Drool Waffles are low on sugar, approx. 1.04 grams of sugar per waffle. The sweetness in the waffle is because of Malted Barley.

Less on butter full on taste – every Drool Waffle carries approx. 2.3 grams of butter.

Drool Waffles are 100% vegetarian

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Shantanu Bhattacharyya

The waffle was very tasty, full marks to the product team, however, the 5 star is because of the store manager - haven’t seen a more professional guy in a small outlet like that. Food is made tastier by the service at the restaurant. Keep up the good work and the pep.

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Shreyoshi Dasgupta

If you're looking for a tasty, crunchy yet soft waffle then undoubtedly go for this place. ₹200-300 for a waffle which contains two chunks of waffles. Belgian classic waffle with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream is the basic. My favorites are mellow marshmallow and banoffee, choose your flavor as per your taste. If confused then you can go for their half n half option.

Google (☆☆☆☆)

Kritika Kothari

What if I told you, Waffles are the key to the universe?! ✨🙌✨ One of the best waffles, with soft-crispy skin coated with mouth watering nutella and unloaded warmth within.. Scoops of vanilla and chocolate icecream are bound to savor your taste buds and the minutes spent!


Omkar Nath Shukla

Sweet is always good to me !! When its waffle with loaded different types of sweet toping I just cant wait to finish that. On a fine weekend at Select City walk saket, this Outlet is small located in the food court of mall. We ordered Richie Rich Waffle loaded with Ice Cream, Chocolate filling etc. It taste amazing must try. Price was also decent. Good service with great taste.


Little Magic Door

One of the yummiest waffles I’ve had there..It tasted soo soo good it can’t be expressed in words. Firstly its made freshly in front of you. Second they do not hesitate on quantity and quality. I asked the vendor to suggest me some good waffles.. I had the chip and dale special which consisted two waffles ( Which was new to me) I prefred for Belgian classic and Richi Rich waffle it tasted soo fine and delicious. The second one was more good waffle with some chocolate sprinklers. Overall a good waffle day.


Meghnaa Arhora

Drool Waffles are located near the Food court in the Epicuria mall. Something different from the usual Waffles is Stroop. They are freshly made, warm and crunchy. I tried the Nutella Stroop. In between two layers of stroop Nutella was loaded. It reminded me of Childhood crunchies. It was crispy and were delicious. This place doesn't have much seating available. Service is quick and hygienic as well.


Roaming Gastronaut

Midweek cravings are the hardest to deal with, don't you think!! :-/ Richie rich waffles at Drool were loaded with dark chocolate, Nutella, chocolate ice cream and vermicelli

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I started drooling as soon as is aw the small waffle cart in the food court and had to try it! So i tried the nutella waffle and the plain waffle with honey and ice cream. The nutella felt a little expensive to me but taste wise it was heaven. The ice cream and honey waffles was just ordinary in front of the one with nutella. The waffles were crispy and crunchy but got little soggy after about 5 minutes when we started to eat the waffles. Overall, when i have a waffle craving, i will go there again.

Zomato (☆☆☆☆)

Shreyasi Das

Don't wait to order here. They have a small list and all yummies configured in the menu. The quality of ice cream is way too far good.A must try waffle after lunch or dinner. Lovely hospitality and service. Both the small outlets has mesmerised me. Keep up your good work guys!!!

Zomato (☆☆☆☆)


After hearing a lot of this places, I finally gave a try to it and it was amazing. I was very confused which waffle should I try, So I went with this Richie Rich waffles thinking of my childhood cartoon. The waffles were very alluring.

Zomato (☆☆☆☆☆)

Dipti Bahuguna

Best waffles I ever had here at "drool waffles".? I tried "Richie Rich" and the taste was too good. They have lot more varieties and I am sure each one is tempting. Will I go here again? Of course yes 😀

Zomato (☆☆☆☆☆)

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